Saturday, August 11, 2007


It has been said that many Filipinos are very talented, intelligent and skillful. However, why most of them are poor? Do you not wonder why Filipinos are deteriorating financially, morally and socially? I wish to cover moral and social issues here but I wanted first that all of us will reflect on the issue that oftentimes exhaust us, and that is financial problems.

In the perspective of financial deterioration - we Filipinos are not doing our part towards financial independence. We desire to become financially secure and yet our desires remain a desire forever. We wish to own a good business, to finish schooling, and to earn extra income but our actions are not heading towards those goals.

Certain Filipino cultural traits, such as ningas kugon (excessive personalism and inordinate family centeredness) have influence our slow to progress. We often blame our corrupt government but isn't it that change should start within ourselves?

I remember, when I first receive a job I was so excited to work. I wake up early, arrive early at the company where I work, and I open my office one hour before other departments could open there offices. I really work so hard, leave the office late. I always accomplish my work for the day and submit reports earlier than the set deadline. I have complete attendance; I don't even use my leaves (vacation and sick leaves). However, I realize lately that the energy I exerted in the past has gradually go down when it is supposed to increase. Is it true that "ningas kugon" is a Filipino cancer? I even come to the point that I am already distress with my work. I got sick psychologically and physically. My attitude may not be true to others but definitely most of us Filipinos are behaving this way. Oftentimes we are very enthusiastic at the start of doing our job but gradually we decrease our effort at a certain point. This trait is detrimental to our progress. The moment we decrease our effort we also deprive ourselves to learn. In comparison, I knew of a Filipino-American whose attitude is really in contrast to mine. While I started working at the age of 22, the person started working at the age of 17, volunteered working in a government agency in repay of a college degree. The person graduated from college then became a full time government employee, proceed studying for another course. Now the person owns a company while preserving the work in the government.

People from other countries were taught to be independent. They work so hard. They are work oriented. They set deadlines when to accomplish a certain goal. I think it is a matter of self-discipline. Every day is a learning experience. Our everyday effort or work should head us towards success. Thus, do not count your failures but rather your daily accomplishments. If you are living this negative Filipino trait, try to shift and change for the better. Enjoy life, love what you are doing but make sure it is beneficial to your future.

Serve well your family, your company, and others.

“Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness - great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy. Jim Rohn


batang buotan said...

Yes, we can if we will!

But look at the way we educate our children, we teach them to become employee, and least to become an employer.

batang buotan said...

This is a very informative and inspiring post!