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1. Those school activities that requires speaking in front of classmates. I am a very shy person, this trait take a lead in my areas of weakness. When i was in grade one, my Filipino teacher criticize the way i deliver my poem because of my voice that lacks loudness and clarity. Worst experience happened when i reach grade three, my Civics and Culture teacher stopped me while i was reporting a current events news because she thought that I wasn't serious. My whole body including my voice was shaking because of so much fear and she thought that I was laughing while am reporting. That was my primary years in school and I did have struggles to improve myself. When i reached high school i saw myself the same until i reached college, im still the same. I had poor grades in my oral communications class. My teacher had to let me used a microphone because she can't clearly hear my advertisement delivery. Classmates knew me as a very shy person and i seem to self-fulfill how people label me. I remain this way because that was the image that people expect of me. I always pray so hard for guidance and help so I could deliver a report successfully and so i could do better with my oral exams. I was totally dependent with Divine Intervention. But somehow at the later years of my college days i showed some improvements, although i still felt tensions while reporting in front of my classmates i managed to speak loudly and clearly. I remember getting a very good comment from my Industrial Psychology teacher for delivering a report successfully.

2. Those activities that forced myself to lead a group. I have this very poor leadership skills. I really had trouble delegating responsibilities. I didn't know how to coordinate and unite a team. And i still wonder up to now why my group mates chose me as their leader. Perhaps like me they hated responsibilities. And for a person who didn't know how to say no, i always get bigger responsibilities in group activities. I often end up doing all the researches and preparing all the reports and visual materials.

3. Those that requires mathematical abilities. Although am quite slow in memorization and reading skills, mathematics was my most limited skill. I am very poor in computation or working with numbers. This was a particular handicap in my entire academic life. Although i got passing grade for this subject, still i never liked learning math. This weakness happened to be one of the reasons why i pursue BS Psychology course for my tertiary education because the curriculum only offers 9 units math subjects. (although math and statistics seemed to be related i learned to like and appreciate statistics more in my Post Graduate years but not pure mathematics)

My school performance had been very inconsistent. I sometimes get high grades and sometimes very low grades. And yet no matter how i work hard to remediate my areas of weakness I'm still dealing with them up to now. I still want to improve my communication skills,leadership skills and most of all my self-confidence level.

I thought before that grades are very important for a person to become financially secure and successful in life. Does smartness predict wealthiness? Here are some facts by Ohio State economics professor Jay Zagorsky

The first one has been a belief by almost all of us:

It seems that the smarter you are, the more you tend to earn. For each IQ point you have above someone else's IQ, you'll earn between $200 and $600 more.

The second one is more surprising, People with high IQ do not end up with more wealth.

We who are smarter than the average bear (I'm including myself and you) would reasonably assume, then, that smarter people would end up wealthier. But that was not suggested by the study. Instead, people with higher IQs and incomes tended to spend more, maxing out credit cards and paying bills late. At the end of the day, those with lower IQs often had a greater net worth.

Zagorsky went on to note that "intelligence really isn't one of the key driving forces to become rich. In fact, people at the middle of the smarts spectrum have the fewest money problems."

As an example to this, is Bo Sanchez' life, a
Filipino Catholic preacher who rise up from poverty to financial independence. In one of his talk he said that of his entire school life, most of his grades are at stake of failing, he remember getting an F in English composition, line of 7 grades in Filipino and Mathematics. He was not even accepted in college at Ateneo de Manila because he failed in the entrance examination. He was a concern to his parents but if you look at his life at present, he is an author of best selling books in the entire Philippines and Asia, owner of a publishing company and a great entrepreneur. He started from scratches and gradually rose to achieve financial independence. He did not have high academic performance and high IQ as requirements to reach the top.

The bottom line then
Here's my favorite Zagorsky conclusion: "Intelligence is not a factor for explaining wealth. Those with low intelligence should not believe they are handicapped, and those with high intelligence should not believe they have an advantage."

So the next time you're thinking you are not smart enough to achieve financial security , think again.

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