Sunday, July 22, 2007


I started schooling at the age of four. I studied in a rural area where kids are sent to a public school. Kids usually have a cooked dried ground corn and grilled dried fish for lunch packed in a slightly heated banana leaf. They only have bananas, sweet potatoes, or corn (either boiled or grilled), coconut and tamarind candies or guavas for snacks. It is not a practice of parents in the past to give money to their kids for their daily allowance. And among these kids who experienced those very simple life was myself. I usually received money only during Christmas, when my father deceived us kids in the family to hang a sock in the balcony so that if Santa Claus would pass by we will be blessed with gifts like money and toys. I also received money from my grandmother everytime she has sold a livestock. Lastly I always received money from a generous god parent as a birthday gift. You might think I am receiving big amounts like five, ten or twenty pesos but you are exactly wrong. I usually receive an average of two pesos and the highest was two fifty. Nevertheless every time I have these coins in my hands I get a very big smile. I am so happy; I get the highest amount in coin that is two pesos. I also remember performing an intermission number in a poetry contest of which I was rewarded with five pesos but that happens only once. I had a very low self-esteem and could not stand to perform in front of a lot of people again. That’s how I get to save money in the past. I see no stores nearby to spend my money so I had it placed in a bamboo “piggy bank” and hide it in the ceiling. That was really fun because my siblings do the same.

My grandmother really taught me how to be frugal. She always reminded me to increase my savings by keeping the amount of money given to me. She has taught me negotiating techniques to get a discounted stuff. Since then if I get to a retail store I always used negotiating techniques if I have to so I get a discount. Saving then has been a practice in my entire life however I cannot claim that I am in abundance of money right now. I still live in a rugged house where we get crazy during rainy days, our house roofs is as old as our age maybe. Rain drops get inside our house. I still sleep in an old bed and in a room without a ceiling.

You might question my credibility of creating this site and giving it a title Financial Management. I am nobody and I am nothing. Despite the many advices and readings I have learned about financial security I am still in the process of moving forward to that certain level where I can retire early. I am now 26 years old. I do not have much achievements, I do not have properties attached to myself so I could claim I am rich but I am gradually following the pattern of success. It is not easy to reach the top. Family members sometimes scratch our back; they are usually the cause of your downfall. Sometimes they don’t encourage success nor believe that you can make it happen. They create liabilities that prompt you to take responsibilities. Sometimes friends, colleagues, and relatives are detrimental to your growth. Some friends force you to spend for a dinner at an expensive restaurant, watch movies or even buy unnecessary stuff, some colleagues (specifically married) thought that singles have a lot of money and they abused you by constantly borrowing money from you. And some relatives do the same. These things slowly pull you down. However, you still have a choice wether to allow them to kick you off. By this time you are now aware of the many hindrances that block your way to success. Persevere....... be patient......... remember change does not happen overnight........later on you will realize how far you have become........ so move gradually...........learn alot of things......gain will someday salute your ownself. Think like a millionaire does. Think big.


Tingog said...

This reminds my good old days in Mahayag.

I am deeply touched on the line, "gradually following the pattern of success". This reminds me to look deeper on the path of my journey. Am I following the pattern to success?

texas_sweetie said...

wowwwwwwwwww encouraging thougts here..maayo gani nasaag ko aning balaya..sos ko reminds me of my home in the Philippines pud kahugnoon na intawn mabaw intawn mi dala ug planggana asa tong buslot kay intawn ang atop gitay an nas kakaraan timpo pang mampor nila pa. hangtud ron wala gyapon asenso..asin suka noon naa daghan hehehe..

texas_sweetie said...

thoughts diay nasayop type ang keyboard sorry..