Wednesday, June 27, 2007


A lot of Filipinos today shifted careers to keep up with the trend. Schools are attracting enrollees for certificate courses and second courses. The two major careers that people chose to pursue other than the baccalaureate degrees they obtain are Special Education and Nursing. For more than ten years the United States of America is attracting applicants from different countries to work as teachers or nurses there. Filipinos are number one feeders of those work demands. It is understandable that many would opt to work in United States since earning dollars is an opportunity for them to alleviate from poverty. This is actually a form of escaping. People flight and resist facing the problems here in the Philippines. Remembering Rizal’s view that this country is having a cancer would definitely describe how one would continue to suffer if nothing is invested for risking. To work abroad is a great risk. However, one should be prepared physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Seeing things beyond imagination, this should be a guide for those who want to go abroad. There is no such thing as easy life in other countries. The easiest life is in your own home. Other countries do have their own cancer. This must not give you discouragement but rather encouragement as you keep up with the challenges ahead of you. Nevertheless preserve and strengthen your values. Discover as well the root causes of our countries cancer. You might have a major contribution as to why this country is suffering. See things beyond imagination, you will learn later that it’s our attitude that has been nurtured that definitely disable this country. Change for the better. Start it within you without judging and blaming others. Good luck!

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